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From the vineyards, the grapes are transported to the winemaking cellar, where the best winemaking equipment makes it possible to combine tradition and modernity.

Alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation take place inside the cellar. At the end of the first, the must is pressed to separate the pomace that will be destined for the production of Grappa. The wine, on the other hand, continues malolactic fermentation in steel vats.



Taking advantage of a natural difference in height, the aging cellar was built in 2002. An underground structure that allows you to maintain a natural and constant temperature.

The barrels are in French and Slavonian oak: 2.5 Hl barriques, 7.5 Hl tonneaux and large 26 and 42 Hl barrels. The different capacities give elegance and typicality to the product.


Bottling and storage

Here takes place what is called the last phase of the process. In reality it represents the beginning of a new phase, during which the evolution and development of wine continues.

At a constant and controlled temperature, the bottles will be kept in storage until they are marketed.

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