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A success story: 30 years of Patrizia Cencioni Farm and that feminine touch that makes a difference

The strength of family and of beauty.


Because Patrizia Cencioni Farm, a winery that was founded with Patrizia Cencioni’s foresight, is a little world of things that are done well: it is a realistic vision that takes heed of the practical which, at the same time, manages to leave that touch of creativity which sets it apart from the rest. Maybe it’s exactly that feminine sensitivity that makes the difference in a winery whose workforce is almost entirely female. Because along with Patrizia there are her two daughters Annalisa (27) and Arianna (24), a strong team, full of ideas, and who are not afraid to face future challenges head on. A tried and true cornerstone for Patrizia Cencioni Farm, which doesn’t focus on the production numbers but rather on the content, the history that is poured into the wine glass. Sun-kissed on the south and east sides of the Montalcino hill, the winery boasts about 50 hectares of which eight are Brunello di Montalcino vineyards and seven an olive grove. Prestigious wine and also olive oil confirm its biodiversity, which is also seen as added value in these parts. The vines date back to 1989, the year in which Patrizia Cencioni Farm was founded, whose origins can be traced back to the old winery started in the 50s by grandfather Giuseppe Cencioni, one of the founders of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino.

Our winery is family-run,” explains Annalisa Matteucci, “obviously we don’t have an enormous production, but this allows us to focus all our attention on the quality. Vineyards and olive groves are located all around the winery, and I think that this is a strong point because it allows us to give a sense of the territory.” Annalisa takes care of exports, sister Arianna the hospitality, Patrizia does a bit of everything, from working in the cellar to working on company strategies. The female workforce (at the moment only one man works at the winery) rules here, which gave life to a story of young success. Incidentally, this year is the 30th anniversary since Patrizia Cencioni took charge of Patrizia Cencioni Farm. “The anniversary took place in an important year, with the release of Brunello 2015,” continues Annalisa Matteucci. “For this occasion, we have released an edition of the wine with a restyling of the historical label on 3,066 bottles.” And, about those labels, Winery Patrizia Cencioni bottles can be recognized immediately by their gorgeous colours and a certain touch of beauty. “Yes, it is an aspect which we really care about, for ‘Solarianne’, a Sangiovese Cabernet blend, the label changes every year. The shape remains the same, but there is a different painting inside it, we collaborate with an artist from Siena. We like the fact that it is a collector’s item. Future projects? We have already made many investments, from the construction of a new cellar to the tasting room. But we will continue to do so always and only striving for quality.” The sun always shines at the Capanna farm, the future can only be bright.

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Cencioni Cantina Brunello di Montalcino

Azienda Agricola Patrizia Cencioni


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